This is to those of you who voted for Trump in the general election last fall. It’s not to those who supported Trump in the primaries. I have nothing to say to the latter except: repent. But to those of you who opposed Trump in the primaries but voted for him in the general election, I do have something more to say.

During the weeks leading up to the election, you said you deplored Trump but that he was the lesser of two evils. You said the country could not survive a Hillary presidency. She was the greater enemy, and we had to vote for Trump as a matter of strategy–defeating the greater enemy (Hillary) first. Some of you said you wouldn’t be voting for Trump but rather would be voting for Pence as vice-president. By the way, you do know that Trump got a vote out of that, don’t you?

I didn’t agree with you about all of that. I didn’t vote for Trump or Hillary. But I do understand your line of thinking in taking the course you did.

What I don’t understand is the course many of you have taken since the election. Do you remember when you believed Trump was an evil? When he was an enemy only just less dangerous than Hillary? When the only way you could bring yourself to pull the lever next to his name was to shut your eyes tightly and think about Mike Pence? Well, I’m afraid that if my Christian friends and social-media acquaintances are any indication of American Christians as a whole, a large number of you have completely forgotten about those things.

You do remember, don’t you, that Trump is the thoroughly dishonest, brutally vicious, utterly self-centered, narcissistic megalomaniac who owned casinos and strip clubs, strolled through women’s changing rooms, boasted of his many adulteries and of sexually molesting women at will and getting away with it? You recall that he dumped two wives and frequently refused to pay contractors who worked for him, right? And naturally you remember that despite all this he claims he never asked God’s forgiveness because he didn’t need it. You did notice, didn’t you, that during the campaign he enunciated multiple, mutually exclusive positions on most issues, but never made a peep about defending the religious freedom of Christians against the persecution of the homosexual Nazis?

What is going on then? Why do I see Christians joining Donald Trump fan clubs? Or Melania Trump fan clubs? Yes, I feel sorry for the poor women too, but she was a porn model who married Donald Trump. It’s a horrible fate, but I assume she’s well compensated. I’m not saying we ought to attack her, but we could just keep quiet about her as much as possible and not post on social media breathless raves about how wonderful it is finally to have a first lady who is classy. By the way, I’m not always very well posted on the new meanings some words have taken on in common parlance. Does “classy” now mean “white”?

Why are some of you eager to defend Trump against the alleged attacks of the “Fake News” media and the “Deep State”? Yes, the left-wingers, including their subsidiaries in the news media, are trying to destroy Trump. Here’s a strategic tip for you though: When you see two of your enemies trying to destroy each other, do not interrupt them.

Has the election changed Trump’s nature? Has it made him honest, decent, and responsible? Has he stopped tweeting outrageous things? Has he done so much for the conservative or Christian cause that we should abandon our previous assessment of him? Other than a few relatively minor things, his chief contribution has been the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court, but we won’t know how good a choice that was until Gorsuch votes on the next major piece of legislation the Supreme Court considers passing (Yes, I know the Supreme Court has no constitutional authority to pass legislation. I’m trying to convince the rest of the country of that). Even if Gorsuch votes right every time, we’ll be no better off than we were with Scalia. Legislatively Trump’s only significant action has been attacking Congressional conservatives and gaining House passage of a bill to replace Obamacare with his own knock-off version.

Folks, Trump is not our friend. He never has been. He is a phony who wants to continue using us. We don’t owe him anything beyond what is required of good citizens and good Christians toward the occupant of the White House. We should pray for him and recognize his constitutional authority as long as he holds the office, but we should not be praising him, supporting him, or defending him against the prospect of impeachment if he has truly done things that merit impeachment. If he truly did ask the FBI director to drop an ongoing investigation, or if he asked the nation’s intelligence agency chiefs to denounce the investigation, or if he inappropriately gave classified information to the Russians, or if he did anything else that merits impeachment, we ought to be the first ones contacting our Congressmen and urging them to proceed with impeachment. After all, if that happens, and if Trump should be removed from office (a very long shot), then Mike Pence would become president and those of you who voted for him instead of Trump would actually get your wish.