But handsome is as handsome does we say. Now’s a chance to show your quality.” – Samwise Gamgee

samwiseOver the past year, we’ve used a mountain of words to address a myriad topics. In the end, though, it all comes down to what we will do today. How will you cast your vote?

I will not give you another text avalanche. I’ve had enough of that. I will simply ask you, one Christian to another, to consider these few questions as you make your final decisions on the way to the voting booth.

When you look into the mirror Wednesday, a year from now, ten years from now, will you be proud of what you’ve done and who you’ve supported? Will you be able to honestly say you made your decision out of principle instead of fear?

Second, how will your choice affect others?  I realize it is cliche to say that your life and your choices may be all of Christ that anyone will ever see. But it is also true. What have you shown through your support of your candidate?  Will it hinder others from coming to saving faith? What of your children? Will your children be able to say you chose honor and truth over convenience and comfort?

Finally, no matter who we vote for, we will have to give an account of it on that final day. One thing most people seem to agree upon is that this election is different – that it may well be a seminal event in our lives, in the life of our nation, and for the Christian church in the West. You have a role to play in that event. As the servants in the parable of the talent (Matthew 25:14-30), you’ve been entrusted with something of value – a vote. What will you do with it? Will you invest it wisely? Will you spend it here and now? Will you hide it and leave it unused? While I won’t pretend to know the mind of the Master, I’m certain that your choice tomorrow won’t be the least consequential of your life. When you stand before God, will you be confident that you honored Christ with your choices?

This has been a bitter, hard fought campaign on all fronts. Today, though, it won’t be a theory or an idea. It won’t feel ominous or grand. It will come down to that one moment when you cast your vote. It will be, as Sam said to Faramir, “a chance to show your quality.” I pray for you, as I hope you will for me, that we show ours to be the very best, even if the choice isn’t the easy one.