It is important amid all the argument and vitriol swirling around the upcoming election that we ask the right questions rather than waste our time posturing on non-questions.

We should not, for example, be asking whether it is legitimate in politics to support a lesser evil. Given the plentiful lack of perfect candidates, one often has to do that. Almost everybody knows this. It tells us nothing about whether Christians should support Donald Trump.

The real question is whether there is a line beyond which a candidate is too evil to support even if his opponent is equally horrible, if in different places. The real question is where that line, if there is such a line, is to be drawn.  Donald Trump gave me multiple reasons to place him on the wrong side of that line during the primary season.  Every time I tried to convince myself that, given his Democratic opponent and her policies I should hold my nose and support him anyway, he would open his mouth again.

Support a Party that actually believes in this.

Support a Party that actually believes in this.

We can ask that question not only about a candidate, but also about a party. If a party by its actions shows that it is no longer a viable instrument for the support of principled constitutionalism, is a vote for a third party really wasted, or is it an attempt to lay the groundwork for being able someday to support meaningfully again what we actually should be supporting? Or is the two-party system such an absolute that one of those two should not be abandoned no matter how ineffective and corrupt it becomes? (The fate of the Whigs might suggest an answer to that question.)

The Republicans have been Democrat Lite for a long time. Trump’s nomination simply rubs our noses in that fact. I can no longer support that party or its nominee. I will support what I actually believe in (Darrell Castle and the Constitution Party), and leave the results in the hands of Providence. If Christians had been doing that all along, we might not be in the mess we are in now. In any case, I am not going to waste my vote by using it to support the insupportable, whether it be the nominee of either party or the corrupt version of the two-party system we are currently stuck with itself.

Don’t waste our time lecturing me about the lesser evil. Show me why the reasons I have given here are or are not faulty.  Then vote your conscience.