Recently, some Republican activists have been expressing outrage over the revelations in James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas videos. The first shows Democratic activists Scott Foval and Aaron Black explaining how they and their counterparts in other firms worked to disrupt Trump rallies. The activists are clear that they were working to help Hillary Clinton, but despite the best efforts of the Project Veritas filmers, there’s no evidence that the activities were carried out with the knowledge of the Clinton campaign. The second video involves Scott Foval and the hidden camera operator discussing plans for massive voter fraud, while the third shows evidence for illegal collusion between the Clinton campaign and the non-profit advocacy group Americans United for Change to have a man in a duck suit follow Trump around.

The videos are indeed alarming, and well worth watching, although Project Veritas hasn’t quite been able to pull off the ultimate coup and link any of the more absurd illegal or unethical activities mentioned directly to anyone working for the Clinton campaign. In theory, everyone employed by Clinton could still plead ignorance up until the third video, and there the collusion is so silly (having someone in a duck suit follow the candidate) that it lacks the same impact as the activities described in the first two. Project Veritas will keep releasing videos and may have one that hits closer to home, but so far it has failed to score a direct hit on Clinton.

Aaron Black in Project Veritas's first video.

Aaron Black in Project Veritas’s first video.

Oddly enough, though, there is evidence that members of a presidential candidate’s campaign worked directly with one of the activists caught on the first video to carry out the activities described there. Breitbart News, headed by chairman Steve Bannon, recruited Black, seen in the first video, to disrupt rallies for Ted Cruz and especially Marco Rubio. Breitbart then covered the disruptions with their usual pro-Trump bent — one headline after Black used his recurring robot costume to disrupt a Rubio rally read “Exclusive — Rubio NH Chairman: Wrestled Scary Marcobot Protester in Self-Defense!”. Black provided Breitbart with video footage, tips, and plans for covering his antics.

Bannon took a leave as chairman of Breitbart in August to become CEO of the Trump campaign, formalizing a relationship that had been obvious throughout the primary. With that move, the only campaign whose members are known to have coordinated an effort to disrupt opposing rallies is the Trump campaign, a fact that casts serious doubt on the outrage now running through his supporters.

That’s not to say that Clinton didn’t have anything to do with illegal or unethical behaviors. Indeed, it would be quite surprising if future videos didn’t link members of her campaign to illegal activities. However, those supporting Trump must engage in staggering hypocrisy to object to deliberate disruptions at Trump rallies while supporting a campaign that definitely coordinated the same disruptions at its opponents’ rallies.

That is the fundamental problem with any attempt by good people to support Trump: he isn’t one of them, and he doesn’t present any contrast with Clinton. His campaign, like hers, is quite willing to engage in any activity, no matter how unethical, in order to win because he, like her, does not have a moral compass. Expecting that replacing Clinton, a self-serving woman with no concept of morality, with Trump, a self-serving man with no concept of morality, will change anything significantly is simply naive. This isn’t the first time that’s been made glaringly apparent, and it won’t be the last.

Trump and Clinton are two sides of the same coin. It’s time to reject them both.