According to some reports, Hillary Clinton laughed when she got a child rapist off.  Now, she may be laughing at someone else:  You.

In the aftermath of the audio recently released where Trump was bragging about sexual assaults as boldly as Bill Clinton ever has, early polling has shown Hillary has jumped to a significant lead over Trump. She now leads him by 1 to 14 points in all of the polls tracked here. Conservatives hate and fear Hillary Clinton, conservatives are tired of Republican weakness, and it appears the Clinton Camp has sat back and let those two facts to her win the White House.


Of all the things about us, we would probably have said our complete and utter disdain for Hillary Clinton would be the least likely thing she could use to her advantage.  On the contrary, she banked on the idea that conservatives were so opposed to her that they would be willing to accept anybody rather than her. Worse, there was very little she had to do herself to make it happen. She let the Right convince itself that Trump’s candor wasn’t a failing–it was just what was needed to clean house in the Republican Party. She then sat back and watched as conservatives parlayed all of that into deciding that Donald Trump–of all people–was a viable candidate. In reality, they had adopted what Hillary specifically wanted:  someone she knew to be fatally flawed.  They chose the candidate who was probably one of the few in politics who could not occupy the moral high ground when compared to her. She waited until all her most powerful enemies had piled into the Trump-ship, and now, with the election only weeks away, she and her media allies have begun to accurately fire whole armories of powerful ammunition that Trump himself foolishly left through intemperate and unwise living. Given that many conservatives still have a conscience that will compel them to turn their backs on Trump, she can count on the fact that she will split the Republican vote, even if she gains no votes herself.

When the best Republicans can offer in response to the revelation that their candidate is probably engaged in serial sexual assault is that they knew the husband of the other candidate did it too, when they compare comments admitting to committing said sexual assaults to “not returning a library book”, the end is near.

It isn’t that no one raised the alarm.  #NeverTrumpers (like those of us at the Five Pilgrims) have proclaimed Trump’s unsuitability from the beginning, pointing to plenty of obvious and specific evidence. They have insisted that the Republicans must put forward a principled candidate with the experience and background to match if they wanted to save the nation. If the conservative movement as a whole (particularly the evangelicals) had listened, conservatives wouldn’t now be reduced to splitting hairs over whose rape-talk was worse.  Instead, #NeverTrump faced bitter criticism and condemnation as everything from Hillary supporters to traitors to pharisees. Ironically, the very people condemning them for “electing Hillary” by taking their stand are proving to be the ones history will show played the central role in giving her the presidency.

I’ll admit that polls are often wrong.  Also, Trump is sneaky and many of his supporters are die-hard in their devotion to him and/or fear of Hillary.  He may yet pull it out, but I tend to think the damage is done.  It’s time to accept it: If you supported Trump, Hillary played you like a piano.  You were her ticket to the White House.

Let that sink in, and then weep for the future of the nation.