As the controversy surrounding Trump’s talk of what amounts to sexual assault continues to boil, I’ve noticed a sad theme beginning to emerge from the memes and articles floating around–some of them posted by women I personally know.  It goes something like this:

capture trumpmeme2

In short, in order to maintain our anti-Clinton focus, Trump’s comments now at least excusable (because Clinton is worse) or even acceptable because its normal. After all, isn’t he just acting “like a guy”?

No.  He isn’t. It doesn’t matter what vile thing Clinton has said or how many people tell you this behavior is normal “guy talk.” Anyone who can talk about women like Trump did has no honor and is worthy of no respect or support, no matter how he tries to bribe you. His comments reveal that he is an exaggerating coward at best and a serial rapist at worst. Whatever our fears of Hillary Clinton–and very real they are–they don’t morally justify the decision to put a man like this into the White House, whatever he might promise us. There was a time when a substantial portion of the American people could recognize that.*

But there is a deeper theme here that I, as a man, want to address with women who are sharing posts like these:  I want to apologize to you.  The very fact that you can, in what I presume is all good conscience, share things like this mean that the representatives of my side of the species you have met have done us all a severe disservice. If this your norm for how men treat you, it is just further evidence of how far we have fallen as a nation and as a people. I know there is very little I can do to counteract what might well be a lifetime of abuse and disrespect, but what little I can do, I here offer:  I am sorry and I would make amends to you, if I could.

There are strong men still out there who believe you should be treated with the honor and respect due you as a co-equal creation of God. And I pray you meet enough of us to begin to change your norm.

*  Indeed, those who are still chanting about “Bill the Rapist” and “Hillary the Enabler” claim to be able to do so. They simply don’t apply the same standard to Trump.  Why not apply it all around and get rid of them all at once?