This is a sad day for Christians, conservatives, and all who cherish the Constitution and the values toward which this country once aspired. This afternoon Ted Cruz announced that he would vote for Donald Trump. Many of us had hoped for better from Cruz. Of course we should never put our trust in mere men, but it’s reasonable to think the country would be better off if it were led by men of right principles and strong courage, and we had seen Cruz as a prime exemplar of that kind of man. Today, we discovered some of Cruz’s limits in those areas. Too bad. He’s still better than the average politician, just not as good as we hoped he might be. When we didn’t know his limits, we could hope for much more. Now we know. Maybe it’s just as well, but it makes us sad.

So in this time when one more thing we counted on has proven inadequate, it’s good for us to remember some things that aren’t going to change. God still reigns on high, and He still gives the kingdom of men to whom He will. He’s the judge of all the earth, and He will do right. He sees every sparrow that falls, and He knows the number of hairs on your head. He’s always good, and He always will be. His grace, mercy, love, and power are more than enough to save to the uttermost every person who comes to Him through faith in His Son, Jesus Christ.

Our Lord is the same, yesterday, today, and forever, and He’s well able–and more than willing–to fill the heart of every earnest Christian with love, joy, and all the fruit of the Spirit, and to give inner peace, His peace, in the midst of a world in which He’s warned us to expect tribulation.

We may see change and decay in all this world around us. The American people may debauch themselves. Our government may fall or become oppressive. Our freedoms may be lost, and our country may come under God’s judgment. But God will be with His people, and He’ll never leave them nor forsake them.

And none of that is going to change.