Today Donald Trump tweeted a change in his previous position on gun control. Were you surprised? Here’s the tweet:

Trump Tweet

So, now that the National Rifle Association has endorsed Trump, he’s going to meet with their leadership to demand they change their position. Just like Trump, isn’t it? You can count on Trump . . . to be Trump.

Before I go any further, we need to understand that those proposed changes are not as reasonable and harmless as they sound. You can read more about that here. Also, note that this action would not have prevented the atrocity in Orlando. The perpetrator was not on either list.

Now, what does today’s Trump-tweet tell us about Donald? Well, it tells us he is no longer opposed to increases in federal gun control as he previously said he was. Of course, before he was against gun control, he used to be for it, but we’re not supposed to talk about that because, “Reagan was once a Democrat,” etc., etc. But now Trump is in favor of gun control . . . again.

But is that all we can learn from this morning’s tweet? No, this incident tells us yet again what Trump’s behavior has been telling us over and over since he started his campaign and even before–the same thing he told us when he changed his position on abortion five times in three days. It’s this: Donald Trump has no integrity. He has absolutely zero commitment to truth or to any position he claims to hold. He tells lies as easily as he breathes, and he will change his positions with what he perceives to be the shifting winds of public opinion but is really just the clamor of the media.

This is why it is pointless to talk about Trump being better than Hillary. As terrible as she is, we can’t say that Trump would be better in a single area of policy. We can’t point to a single good policy and say with any confidence that Trump would carry out that policy if he were in office. We can’t expect him to appoint good judges or to follow good policies, not even the wall he likes to talk about so much. We certainly can’t expect him to make America great again. In short, we can count on Donald Trump to be Donald Trump, to pursue his own interests, lusts, and whims without regard to justice, truth, or the Constitution. We can’t count on him for anything other than that.

These are not pleasant truths to contemplate when we reflect that either Donald or Hillary will probably be president of the United States by the end of next January. We seem doomed to have one or the other, and here I am telling you they are both equally bad. What are good people to do? Well, we can keep praying for our country. I haven’t given up on a miracle at Cleveland. If you’re a delegate to the Republican National Convention, you know what you can do. If the miracle doesn’t happen, and Trump is nominated, we can still keep praying, and we can keep our consciences clear and our testimonies bright by refusing to give any support to Donald Trump. We can cast our votes for a third-party or write-in candidate so that it will be plain to all that it was people of character and commitment to truth who defeated Trump by withholding their votes. We can support good down-ballot candidates so that Congress and the state governments can resist what seems sure to be an evil executive branch. And we can pray that if it is God’s will to bring judgement on America by allowing another evil president to come to power, His judgement will move the hearts of the American people to repentance. And through it all it we can keep trusting God. We can count on Him.