By now you’ve probably heard that Bill Kristol’s search for a principled, constitutional conservative candidate to run for president on an independent or third-party ticket has led him to David A. French. I’m pleased.

First let me explain the need. I live in Texas, and Texas law makes it almost impossible for an independent candidate to gain ballot access at this point. It also refuses to count write-in votes except for candidates who have registered as write-in candidates–and it will not allow anyone to register as a write-in candidate if he has been a candidate for the nomination of one of the major parties. You could almost begin to think the major parties want to maintain their monopoly on power.

What this means for me and for all constitutional conservatives in Texas is that when we write-in Ted Cruz for president, our votes will not be counted. It’s not that our chances of winning the state would be that much lower with our votes uncounted than with them counted, but I’d like to have the official record to show how many Texans stood for truth, justice, and the Constitution against both Hillary and Trump. It’s important for our testimony, and it’s important that both the Republican Party and its primary electorate realize they cannot have our votes for a miscreant like Trump.

Few other states are as difficult for write-ins as is Texas, but it would be easier to win votes with a candidate who is running than with one who is not, and it would be much easier to win votes for a candidate who is on the ballot than for one who is not.

But who is David A. French? Born in 1969, French earned a bachelor’s degree from Nashville’s David Lipscomb University in 1991. From there he proceeded to Harvard Law School, where he graduated in 1994. Thereafter he served as a lecturer at the Cornell University Law School, as senior counsel for the American Center for Law and Justice and the Alliance Defending Freedom, and then as president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education. FIRE has been a staunch and invaluable defender of conservative professors who are under siege in leftist, secular academia. Then in 2005 French resigned from FIRE to enlist in the Army–as a thirty-six-year-old father of two–because he believed it was the right thing to do. He became a member of the Judge Advocate General’s Corps and served in Iraq. He currently holds the rank of major in the Army Reserve. French lives in Columbia, Tennessee, with his wife Nancy and their three children. He is a Presbyterian (PCA).

David French is the author or co-author of three books:


  • A Season for Justice: Defending the Rights of the Christian Church, Home, and School
  • Home and Away: A Story of Family in a Time of War
  • The Rise of ISIS: A Threat We Can’t Ignore


He writes columns for National Review, where he has published excellent commentary on the election campaign thus far. He has been a staunch supporter of Ted Cruz.

Many people may ask, “Can he win?” For me, a much more important question is, “Do I want him to win?” My answer is an emphatic “Yes.” My answer for Hillary is an equally emphatic, “No,” and my answer for Trump is an even more emphatic “No! Never!” Advantage: French.

The next question will naturally be, “Is he qualified?” He has as much experience in government as does Donald Trump–none–but he is unquestionably more intelligent, better educated, and more experienced in the military and in law. Hillary’s experience as a socialist and a criminal is hardly a qualification. Again, advantage: French.

In commitment to the Constitution and conservative principles there is absolutely no comparison: French scores 100%. Donald and Hillary score 0%.

Above all, French has the foremost and indispensable qualification for a president: integrity. That’s something you can’t say for Donald or Hillary. If we had two or more candidates of integrity, we would then have the luxury of choosing on the basis of training and experience. Since neither Trump nor Clinton have any morals or integrity at all, any honorable man would be a better choice.

Of course, I’d rather have Ted Cruz, who is equal to French in conservative principles and integrity, has more government experience, and has been tried and proven true in the crucible of Washington. I imagine Mr. French would also rather have Cruz, and I expect that if Cruz were to enter the race as an independent candidate, French would withdraw in his favor. But if Cruz will not run, and if French will agree to do so (as it appears he will), he’s my man, win or lose.

So come on in, Mr. French. We’ve got your back.