Now that the Republican nomination appears to be decided, we have begun to hear the predictable caterwauling. The Trump supporters, as well as those whose highest loyalty and deepest moral principle is the election of persons with “R” after their names, are demanding that all of us who have frequently voted Republican in the past must now unite behind Donald Trump. If we refuse, they say we are babies, whiners, little girls, Hillary supporters, and traitors. If we don’t vote for Trump, they say, that is a vote for Hillary.

This is nonsense. How is it that if I don’t vote for Trump, I’m voting for Hillary? It doesn’t increase Hillary’s vote total. In response, the more coherent of the pro-Trump chorus claim that my not voting for Trump decreases Trump’s total, thus allowing Hillary to win with a lower total of her own. This is also nonsense. When did Trump get my vote in the first place? What did he do to get it? Does winning the Republican nomination automatically give Trump ownership of my vote? Anyone who thinks so obviously confuses me with one of the unprincipled party hacks who have lately been falling into line behind Trump. If he never had my vote, it can’t be subtracted from his total.

The fact is that my vote never belonged to Trump. He has done nothing to earn it and everything to alienate me. I’m not bound to vote for just any random scoundrel who comes along and hijacks the Republican nomination. I vote for conservatives, preferably those who share my Christian values. Insofar as I can discern it, I vote for men of honesty, integrity, and character. Donald Trump is the antithesis of all this. He is obviously no conservative. His only values are his own pleasure and pride. He lies constantly and is utterly devoid of integrity or decency and completely unrepentant. He simply has no attribute whatsoever that would induce me to vote for him. None.

In human terms, my vote belongs to me–not Trump, not the Republican Party, and certainly not the insulting and abusive rabble of Trump supporters who are now trying to browbeat us into abandoning our principles. As a Christian, I also recognize that I and all that I have–including my vote–belong to God. That’s all the more reason not to cast that vote for an evil candidate, regardless of party affiliation. I am not bound to play the foolish game of choosing between two evil candidates. I can refrain from voting for either. That’s not a vote for Hillary. It’s not a vote for Trump. Rather, it’s a vote for truth, justice, decency.