If you’re looking for someone to attack transgendered people, look elsewhere.  This is a post about how you and I are being emotionally manipulated by a political/cultural narrative that, though the lyrics have changed from time-to-time, is essentially the same tune we’ve heard before.   In recognizing the old, tired theme for what it is, we can address the core issues.  The transgender sub-culture is being exploited and used as a tool to both fill the moral void of a godless generation and to cynically elect democrats to office.*

Let me be clear on transgenderism in general.  Overall, we are dealing with a group of people who have been profoundly injured at some point in their life.  They need our help, not our hatred.  What they are doing to themselves and to others is wrong, but it is a sin no greater than many others.  That is true of sins you and I may commit before the day is out, like ungodly anger, lust, envy, etc.  Transgenderism is a perversion of the good that God has given us, but then again, so is divorce (a larger problem for the modern church than transgenderism, I’ll wager).  In reacting to the greater problem of having transgenderism forced down our collective throats, we must be careful that we don’t lose sight of our love for people so desperately hurting.

Back on point:  Since the beginning of the Twentieth Century, liberalism in general and the Democrat Party in particular has thrived on being the champion of civil rights–workers’ rights, womens’ rights, etc.  Over the course of the Twentieth Century, the Democrats hid enough of their explicit racism to move in and co-opt the African American vote by offering to stand up for them as well. The party has since defined itself as the essence of what it means to support human rights.  If you aren’t a Nazi, you must vote democrat–or so they would have you believe.

This has only become more effective as time has progressed.  People have an inherent need to feel they have moral value.  But how does my life–or any life–matter in a world where we are simply the product of chance plus time and there is no right or wrong by which to judge?  I have no good reason I’m worth anything, but my mind and my spirit craves it nonetheless.  This creates a crisis of meaning and breeds a desperation not known previously in western history.  As such, we reach out to grasp movements and ideas that give hope that we could make a difference and that someone, anyone, could say of us when we’re gone, “Well done.”  The democrat tactic dovetails with this need effectively.

The modern Democrat Party has become expert in harnessing our innate desire for moral meaning, both to convince people to vote for their candidates (because doing so, according to them, proves your moral value) and to vote against their enemies (who are labeled as “evil”, “uncaring”, “mean”, etc.).  In the beginning, this tactic was relatively easy to implement because there were very real, systemic manifestations of discrimination in American life–racism and segregation were two of the most obvious.  As time moved along, however, the American people were sensitive enough to their evils to do something about them.  They elected leaders who passed laws banning racism and they ended segregation.  As many commentators have pointed out, what more could a government do but make it illegal and then try to enforce the law?  Hyper-criminalize racial discrimination?  And then super-hyper-criminalize it?  And what of the subsequent generations of Americans who still search for significance in the quest for equality?  What is left for them when the battle is won?  Perhaps most practically for our purposes, if people vote democrat to right discriminatory wrongs and the government has done all it can , why would people continue to vote democrat?  The answer is simple:  The Democrats have created new civil rights to campaign for.  That is the trend that we are now witnessing.

With the rise of secular materialism, we lose not only moral value but the idea that humans are “designed” for anything.  Therefore, “human” means whatever we want it to mean.  To say that it is “wrong” for a man to think he is a woman, or vice versa, implies that there is a specific way a “man” or a “woman” is supposed to work.  In the absence of design, that and so much more is nonsense.  Everything is possible in this Brave New World, and not just the standard “gender bender” stereotypes.  Adults can believe they are babies.  Men can believe they are dogs.  Women can believe they are cats. (And Monty Python becomes strangely prophetic.)  And the naturalist rightly asks, from his/her perspective, “So what?” In effect, this has gutted the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSMV, currently), the guide used by physicians to diagnose mental disorders.  If there is no order, there can be no disorder (other than those arbitrarily declared), abandoning many, many people with illnesses that were previously treatable to suffer with them while being told, “It’s okay!  Be happy!”

But in this tragedy, the Democrats see opportunity.  Since the 1990s they have been systematically raiding the DSM to create new “oppressed” groups.  First, it was homosexuality.  Now it is transgenderism.  I’m betting “transpecism” will be next (not to mention the adult babies), as it is another “harmless” fetish.  Note that it isn’t so much the vote of the people themselves that interests the Democrats (some make up less than 1% of the population) as it is the moral leverage it affords politicians to force people to vote this way or that in order to feel significant–or at least not like a reprobate.  Eventually, if the pattern continues, it will be bestiality, pedophilia, or worse.  None of these are “victimless” crimes–even the “nicest” of them involves a person in need of real help.  Many of them result in direct harm to others.

So the next time you see that guilt-full meme telling you that only horrible, immoral people oppose the repurposed mental illness of the month, think about what the real goal of it is.  Worse, weep for the people who are really suffering because of them.


*There is another side to this discussion that will be well worth considering later:  The co-opting of the legitimate Civil Rights movement by the Sexual Revolution.  I think that and this are happening simultaneously, and both sides are feeding off the energy created by the other.