Sometimes I come across a piece of Trump propaganda that is so outrageous I can’t resist the urge to refute it. I saw one such piece today. Here it is:


Let’s examine it phrase-by-phrase:

“Not a liar or a thief”? He is an extreme, obvious, and outrageous liar. He lies constantly and blatantly practically daring his listeners to point out his falsehoods if they dare. He doesn’t say things because they’re true; he demands that you believe things because he says them. “A thief”? One could say he is at least a would-be thief in that he tried to take a widow’s house via eminent domain.

“Not bought and paid for”? He’s one of the guys who has been buying politicians, and now that he is no longer “self-funding” (was he ever really self-funding?), he’ll be at least as “bought” as any of the statesmen against whom he falsely made that accusation.

“Not hiding a scandalous past”? Well, he certainly has a scandalous past and it’s practically in plain view. He’s not hiding it; he boasts about it. I’m not sure that’s any improvement. And, while we’re talking about hiding things, what is he hiding in his income tax returns that he refuses to release?

He “Say what he means; means what he says”? How did that get in this ad? If it were written in correct grammar it would be an obvious description of Ted Cruz. But Trump? This is the guy who announces five different positions on abortion in three days, who says he’ll build a wall, and then tells the New York Times he didn’t mean it–who says he’s against raising the minimum wage; then says he’s for it–who says we shouldn’t allow Moslem immigration, then says it was just a suggestion–who says, in fact, that all his statements during the campaign are just suggestions.

“Listen to America”? What? And back the most unpopular man in the country? Donald Trump? Who got the votes of about 40% of Republican primary participants? Whose popularity ranks just below root canals? It’s clearly not America that wants Donald Trump. It’s a cult-following of frustrated, confused, disappointed, and angry low-formation voters.

Well, it looks like the Trump campaign is putting out more of its “Big Lie”” propaganda. Don’t let people get away with saying outrageous things like this.