Trump supporters

Actually, this open letter is to those Trump supporters who are virtuous and intelligent, but that would have made the title too long. Although I don’t know you personally, your existence is not entirely a matter of blind faith on my part. I think I once encountered one of you in a Facebook discussion, and friends tell me there are others. As you know, the less intelligent and virtuous among your fellow Trump supporters are quite vocal on the internet and elsewhere. But I want to address this to you–you who are thinking people and who have moral principles based on the Bible.

You started supporting Trump for reasons that seemed pretty good. Who wouldn’t want to “make America great again,” as Reagan used to say? Trump said strong things about stopping illegal immigration, and that naturally sounded good after Obama’s celebration of foreign lawbreakers invading our country. It was also a nice contrast to a certain Establishment Republican candidate who used to say illegal immigration is “an act of love.” You believed Trump when he said all the other Republican candidates were Establishment shills who wanted illegal immigration to continue. Since you have a busy life and don’t have time to follow politics between elections, you wouldn’t have known Ted Cruz doesn’t fit that profile at all. Cruz is the arch-enemy of the establishment, and he was advocating building a wall back in the days when Donald Trump was still donating to amnesty advocates. Maybe you weren’t aware of that or of a number of other facts about Trump’s background. As for Ted Cruz, you probably hadn’t heard that he had specifically crafted a piece of legislation to prevent the kind tragedy in which an illegal immigrant murdered Kate Steinle last July. Cruz fought hard for that legislation against both Democrats and the Republican Establishment.

Since you’re among the intelligent Trump supporters, I’m not even going to address the wild assertions about Cruz being a globalist, or a Canadian, or owned by Goldman Sachs, or having affairs, or any of the other crazy claims that have been made. Between us, as intelligent people, we know all those things are arrant nonsense. They might as well have said Cruz landed in a flying saucer at Area 51. I’m not going to insult your intelligence by spending more time on those.

Now, having committed yourself to Trump, you naturally were loyal to him, and you believed the things he said about Cruz–that Cruz was a liar, that Cruz had played a dirty trick on Carson in Iowa, that Cruz was somehow working for the establishment. Since you’re an intelligent and virtuous person, I’m guessing it has become harder and harder to keep justifying everything Trump does–hard to say it’s good, hard to say it doesn’t matter, impossible to say he didn’t do it. Does Trump commit adultery–a lot? They all do it (except they don’t all do it). Was Trump a Democrat? So was Ronald Reagan (not like that he wasn’t). Did he donate Big Money to Hillary and other leftists? All businessmen do that (but, of course, they don’t). Does he tell lies a lot? They all do that too (but they don’t all do it). Did Trump say Planned Parenthood does wonderful things? He didn’t mean it (really?). Did Trump send out a mean tweet with an awkward picture of Heidi Cruz? Ouch.

And now it has gotten worse. In fact, things are building toward a crisis, at least for you. That stress you’re feeling is cognitive dissonance, isn’t it–the tension a person feels when holding two conflicting beliefs. You’re a good person, and so you won’t give up your moral principles, but you’re also an intelligent person, so you can’t escape the reality that Trump is trampling over every one of your moral principles.

And now Trump goes on the “Today” show and says men who claim they are women ought to be allowed to use women’s restrooms. He criticized North Carolina for passing a law banning that nonsense. Then he said the Republican platform, which for years has called for protecting pre-born children’s right-to-life, should be changed to weaken that stand. In one TV show: let sexual perverts in women’s restrooms and weaken the Republican Party’s opposition to abortion.

Can you still support this man? Up till now, maybe you could pretend you didn’t know what kind of man he was, but that’s not possible any more. Now you can’t help realizing it. You’ve been recognizing it for some time, and it’s been making you uncomfortable.

And all those bad things you’ve believed about “Lyin’ Ted”–how did you know those were true? Trump said so. That’s it. There was never any evidence. Check it out. And now you know what kind of man Trump is. He was lying. None of those things were true.

This is really unbearable, isn’t it. It’s time to do something about it. It’s time to break with Trump. He’s not going to make America great, is he, and the longer you keep supporting him the harder it will be when you ultimately have to face reality. Why not face it now, while there’s still time to do something about it? If your state hasn’t voted yet, vote for Cruz! And regardless of what state you live in, contact the Cruz campaign–volunteer, donate. We all make mistakes. I had a coach who used to say, “Hustle makes up for mistakes.” There’s still time for you to support a candidate you don’t have to be embarrassed about. Still time to make a difference. You can start supporting someone who really will do all the good things you once hoped Trump would do, and you can have a clear conscience doing it. How about it?