On Wednesday, Trump opined that mothers who seek illegal abortions should be punished, an extreme, if logically consistent, anti-abortion position. Trump appeared to have blundered into it, though, rather than having thought it through. Before the end of the day, he retracted that statement and issued another, precisely contradictory, statement, this one asserting that mothers who seek abortion should not be punished even if it were illegal and that “like Ronald Reagan, I am pro-life with exceptions.”

That was Wednesday. Friday, he said, regarding abortion, that “at this moment, the laws are set. And I think we have to leave it that way.” In two days, his stance shifted from the most radical pro-life position to a run-of-the-mill pro-abortion position. Granted, his communications director attempted damage control Friday evening, claiming that he merely meant that “it must stay that way now — until he is President,” but this was his answer to the question “what would you do to further restrict women’s access to abortion as president.” The only possible rational interpretation of his answer is that he was saying that as president he would not change the law (or the judicial edict, since that’s what’s currently at issue) regarding abortion.

He’s now changed his position on abortion more times in this week alone than he’s changed wives, and that’s saying something. His statements can no longer — if they ever could — be considered actual indications of what he believes; no one, no matter how deluded, can claim that Trump’s statements are true, or that he believes they are. He isn’t even faithful enough to pick a disingenuous position and hold to it. The words of the Psalmist come to mind:

Like a bad tooth and an unsteady foot
Is confidence in a faithless man in time of trouble.

What does it say about him that on this, the most important issue in politics today or in the past, he can’t even hold the same position for a week? What does it say about how we as a culture value truth that a man for whom it so clearly doesn’t matter is one of the leading candidates for president?

Trump’s candidacy is the triumph of decades of education — both in school and out — that truth not only doesn’t exist, but is valueless. Trump isn’t telling the truth, his supporters know it, and they’ve been trained not to care. A broken candidate, the product of a broken people.