I still hope and fight for a better choice than Trump vs. Clinton. But what if it does come down to that? I will not vote for either. I know of no calculus by which I can be sure that the Faux-Right Authoritarian Demagogue is a lesser evil than the Leftist Crook. Trump might actually be worse in the long run, because he could give real Conservatism a bad name from which it would not recover for decades. Both are evil. I will not make that choice. I will not be forced into making it.
Neither will I just stay home. That would be a kind of protest against the choices forced upon me, but I can make a much clearer one: Write in someone who is *not* a positive evil. I have said that if Trump is the Republican nominee, if we are that desperate for presidential candidates, I will run myself as a write-in. I even have a running mate, constitutional scholar Jenna Lynn Ellis. Our campaign kicks off the day Trump clinches. Pray that he be unable to do so, because you do NOT want to have to deal with us! #WilliamsEllis2016.
People argue that this strategy just gives the election to Hillary. No. If it is given to her, it will have been done by the Republican Party, not by me. I refuse to participate in that charade. I will do the most meaningful thing left to me: I will register my protest against it, like a minority opinion by Justice Scalia, for any with the eyes to see and the mind to understand.
You do NOT want to see this man on the stump!

You do NOT want to see this man on the stump!

Please join me, if it comes to that!
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The Declaration of Independence

No, this isn’t one of my books, but they are pretty good too!