I think every conservative can agree that the problem with the country isn’t what we’ve been promised. Republican politicians have been more than willing to promise the moon to their constituents. Conservatives have been promised a balanced budget, the repeal of Obamacare, and the final end of abortion.

The trouble is, once conservatives put the Republicans in office, they don’t do what they promised. They cave on the budget, on Obamacare, and posture on life while being careful not to achieve anything that might rock the boat. Nothing gets done, but conservatives turn out in the next election to do it all again.

Here in Texas, we saw what Ted Cruz promised while he was running: fierce conservatism across the board and without apology. In the face of overwhelming odds and opposition from the Republican establishment in Texas, we put him in Washington. No one had promised more than Cruz, and he kept his word to the letter. Doing so meant launching a no-holds-barred war on the Republican establishment, standing for hours opposing Republicans’ backdoor effort to fund Obamacare, skillfully maneuvering to stop Marco Rubio’s amnesty bill despite its overwhelming support in the Senate, and finally publicly calling out the Senate Majority Leader himself for his lies. No sitting Senator has been more fearless; no presidential candidate has ever been more uniformly well-rated by conservative legislative watchdogs, receiving high marks from every conservative interest group, including Conservative Review, American Conservative Union, Freedom Works, and the Heritage Foundation.

He didn’t just keep his word, though, he did it with remarkable wisdom. Despite being nearly universally hated among the political establishment, he was the most successful Republican in bringing bills out of committee, and that’s as a Senate freshman. He was also the best at working with the House, and the best freshman at getting his bills passed. His greatest accomplishments, though, were the things he opposed: his allies against Rubio’s amnesty have said that without Cruz’s aid, the bill would have passed. His effort to force Republican leadership to be honest with voters about their intention to fully fund Obamacare was successful, and nearly forced Obamacare defunding over the objections of much of both parties.

He went to Washington, he kept his word, and he did it well. That’s more than any other candidate can say, and it’s more than enough reason for Ted Cruz to merit your vote.