This past New Year’s Eve there was a disturbing incident in and just outside the train station in Cologne, Germany. You may have heard of it. Many revelers were arriving at the station and then passing out through the spacious exit hall that opens onto the wide paved area in the shadow of Cologne’s soaring late-gothic cathedral. Standing in the exit hall and on the pavement in front of it was a crowd of young, Middle Eastern men, reportedly numbering in excess of 400. When women tried to pass through that crowd, the Middle Eastern men sexually molested many of them, in some cases surrounding and detaining them for some time, and occasionally stealing purses and the like. Overall probably more than 100 women were victimized. The incident became a national scandal. Some accused the authorities of attempting to conceal the extent of the criminal activity or the ethnic identity of the perpetrators in order to provide political cover for Chancellor Angela Merkel’s program of unlimited immigration by “refugees” from the Middle East and North Africa.

My purpose in this post is not to discuss Germany’s current policy of national suicide. Rather I want to address something it has manifested in the character of the people of Europe. To a large degree, Europe is what America is sliding toward. When I lived in Germany in the early 1980s, I was impressed at how secular, socialist, and statist its society had already become. As far as I could tell, Christianity was entirely marginalized as a social influence. Freedom (except freedom from morality) seemed to count for little, and wickedness prevailed to an appalling degree. In the more than thirty years since I returned to America, I’ve noticed more and more of those features appearing in our society or being practiced by our government. I’m thankful to say that in most ways we haven’t quite arrived yet at the place where Germany was in 1983, but the progress in that direction has been disturbing.

So I was particularly interested to read in a German newspaper a few days ago an article dealing with the product of Germany’s modern, ultra-liberated society as it applied to the New Year’s Eve incident at Cologne.

In the February 5 issue of Die Welt, there appeared an article by culture and society columnist Eckhard Fuhr entitled “The Modern Man Failed in Cologne.” The problem at Cologne that night, Fuhr pointed out, was men. There were what he called the “conventional” men of the Middle Eastern crowd, “testosterone-driven, potentially violent, and sexist,” but there were also the “post-conventional” men. Those were the native German men who were also passing through the train station and out onto the pavement in front of the cathedral, some of them no doubt in company with some of the women who were molested. The problem with these post-conventional men was that they did nothing, and because of that, none of the Middle Eastern molesters “so much as got his hair messed up.” Fuhr lamented that those of his compatriots who were present that night at the Cologne train station were lacking “courage, heroism, readiness to defend, protective instincts, and care for others.” For this reason, “in the absence of police protection, they could not even begin to defend the rules of coexistence in a civil society.”  It was, he admitted, an embarrassing thing to have to say about his countrymen.

But what could one expect? When men and women are decreed to be not just equal (whatever that means) but interchangeable in every way–when young men are constantly told that anything they can do, a women can do at least as well–when society insists that males are merely females marred by the possession of testosterone–and when it demands that they learn to act, think, and react as if they didn’t have that nasty hormone–how can we expect them to show the “courage, heroism, readiness to defend, protective instincts, and care for others” that would have been necessary to take up the fight against overwhelming odds that night?

On the other hand, when men are taught that there is no God Who sees and will judge their actions, or that there is only a god who counts women of less value than dogs, free to be abused by any man at will, how can we expect that they will treat women with the respect and kindness the Bible teaches and western civilization has come to take for granted?

Not just Europe but our society as well desperately needs more Christian men, real men, guided by the Bible, led by the Holy Spirit, and definitely not feminized. We need men who will neither mistreat women nor grow so accustomed to cowering to them as to forget the duty of defending them.