The International Society of Christian Apologetics will hold its annual meeting at Toccoa Falls College in Toccoa, Georgia, Friday-Saturday, April 1-2, 2016.  The theme for the meeting will be “Apologetics in an Increasingly Hostile World.”


Plenary speakers will include Warren Cole Smith, senior editor of World Magazine, speaker for Summit Ministries, and vice president of The Colson Center. Smith will address the conference on “How Media Shape Your Worldview:  The Medium Really Is The Message–Mostly,” and “Restoring All Things:  Knowing What You Stand For, Not Just What You Stand Against, or Promoting The Good, The True, And The Beautiful.”  Smith says that “We Christians must pay close attention not only to what we say, but how we say it if we want to be heard in a culture that is increasingly indifferent or antagonistic to the Christian message.”

Warren Cole Smith

Warren Cole Smith

The meeting will also feature workshops on many apologetic topics by notables such as Norm Geisler and a presidential address on “C. S. Lewis as a Role Model for Winsome Apologists” by Toccoa Falls College apologist Donald T. Williams.

Donald T. Williams speaking at last year's apologetics conference

Donald T. Williams speaking at last year’s apologetics conference

For further information or to register, go to http://isca-apologetics.org/annualmeeting.

A book that fights back against the darkness--available at the conference!

A book that fights back against the darkness–available at the conference!