I get it about Donald Trump. I can see why so many Americans support him. They’re fed up with what we’ve been getting from Washington, and I don’t blame them for feeling frustrated.

We Americans who work for a living, pay taxes, obey the laws, and care about this country are tired of some things. We’re tired of a government that won’t even pretend to obey the law or defend our borders but instead lets illegal aliens swarm in, taking our jobs, overloading our hospitals and schools, and spreading a culture of lawlessness. We’re tired of a government that spends our tax money to ship in who knows how many thousands of bogus “refugees” from the Middle East (Moslems only, no Christians need apply) who bring all the same problems plus the possibility of terrorism. We’re tired of a government that is going so deeply into debt that our great-grandchildren will be paying half their incomes in taxes just to cover the interest–unless the whole system collapses before then.

We’re tired of being shushed by the establishment media and politicians and all the rest of the “political correctness” police for even saying these things. We’re tired of being called extremists and radicals for believing what is obviously true.

We’re tired of having our government run by a bunch of elitists in Washington–tired of their attitude that regular American citizens like us need to be seen and not heard when it comes to politics–until it’s time for us to troop out like good little boys and girls and cast our votes for them in the general election. Otherwise we’re not supposed to pay any attention to what they might be doing to our country. We’re tired of them pretending they agree with us . . . during election campaigns, then going back to Washington and doing all the things they promised they wouldn’t.

Yes, all of us who care about this country are plenty frustrated, and we don’t feel like taking it any more. We’re not even sure how much more our country actually can take. So when Trump says some good things on these subjects, people listen. He says he’ll secure the border and deport illegals. He says he’ll keep out potential terrorists. He shows he’s not afraid to say what he thinks whether the “political correctness” crowd likes it or not. Frustrated Americans like the sound of what he says.

Of course, Trump hasn’t always said these things. He used to support the Clintons and advocate left-wing policies, even fairly recently. I hope he has really changed. In fact, he still supports some left-policies. He wants to replace Obamacare with a single-payer system. “Single-payer” means an outright socialist medical system. It’s what Obama wanted but didn’t think he could push through Congress. Maybe Trump could and would. I hope not. Trump has changed his positions on a number of issues over the years–sometimes over the months. If he gets elected, I hope he sticks with the good things he has said and not the bad ones. If he changes for the worse after the election, it will be too late. We will have missed our chance–maybe our last chance–to elect a good president. And that’s the problem. Making someone president requires so much trust, and we’ve been betrayed so many times. Who can we trust?

Well, there is someone who has a solid track-record. Ted Cruz hasn’t changed over the years. He’s never flip-flopped. He told the voters in Texas he would do some things when he got to Washington, and he went to Washington and actually did those things. He didn’t back down from the Establishment. He has principles, and he keeps his promises. He’s been battle-tested, tried in the fire, and he’s come out solid.

Every good thing Donald Trump says, Ted Cruz will do. He’ll secure the border and deport the illegals. He’ll protect our country from Moslem terrorism and strive to cut back the bloated federal government and its over-reaching power. All the bad things Trump has said, Cruz won’t do. Cruz favors low taxes and the proven free-enterprise system. Sure, Trump sounds good sometimes, but why gamble on Trump when you’ve got a sure thing with Cruz?

Cruz Filibuster