Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan has come up with a spending bill that gives Obama and the Democrats virtually all they want. Funding continues unabated for the baby chop shop known as Planned Parenthood, for Obamacare, for Obama’s executive amnesty for illegal aliens, for the latest “climate change” boondoggle, and for the on-going Syrian invasion of the United States. In exchange the Republicans got permission to export crude oil, so I guess that’s fair (note sarcasm). There’s supposed to be something in the bill for everyone. That “something” is deficit spending. A White House spokeswoman commented, “It appears to meet the priorities the president outlined.” Indeed.

If the Democrats had majorities in both houses of Congress, we wouldn’t be seeing something for everyone. The Democrats would write the bill the way they wanted it and tell the president (assuming he were of the opposite party) to take it or leave it. The establishment Republicans don’t do that. The difference is that the Democrats actually believe in the things they stand for, even though those things are evil. By contrast, the establishment Republicans, like Ryan, just say what they have to say to get elected. They don’t feel all that motivated to carry through on all that rhetoric when they get to Washington.

That’s why, when selecting a politician to support, we should look at what he does–not what he says, and certainly not what the establishment media say about him. Ryan, who by all accounts is a nice guy, has said some good things (and some bad ones too). His accomplishments, however, have not justified his reputation as a Tea Party favorite. He came up with a plan to reduce the deficit a few years back, but nothing came of it. He’s the establishment media’s idea of a good conservative, but where results are concerned, the change from Boehner to Ryan seems to prove the French adage, “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose.” The more things change, the more they stay the same.